Hi and welcome, I’m Pam!

I am a crocheter, designer, Christian counselor and creative coach – a dreamer-entrepreneur, empty-nester, wife to my wonderfully energetic husband, mom to a grown son and his lovely wife, stepmom, and grandma to two beautiful girls. While I love playing with color and ideas, my passion is helping people craft the life of their dreams.                                                                                                                    Whether I’m in the counseling office or the crochet studio, my goal is to help others chart a road map to success. In this case, I’m here to help you create the crochet business you’ve been dreaming of – your dream business, not a clone of mine or anyone else’s!                                                                                                                                                                      That’s what makes this so exciting!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Don’t worry, I’m not here offering a cookie-cutter solution, I’m here to help create a business that’s uniquely you!

In the Beginning…

After having 40 years of crocheting under my belt (I don’t know, maybe I’m a slow learner or something), I decided to begin selling my crochet, almost as an afterthought.  I had been selling my artwork and art jewelry for a short time and thought adding crochet to the mix might help increase my profits.

I gathered up some items that I had in my studio, purchased some styrofoam mannequin head and dedicated a small portion of my craft booth display to crochet. I sold one hat that day…after I had marked it down significantly from a fair price to one that barely covered the cost of the yarn and my time.

In contrast, across the auditorium was a beautiful young lady who was selling her crochet products from a very professional looking booth. Even though the craft fair had little foot traffic, she had a line ALL DAY! I was in awe.

Well, I was in awe until it was time to break down out booths and this beautiful young lady walked by my crochet items and laughed at me.

Yes, she blatantly and shamelessly laughed. Now, I don’t know what was going on in her head at the time and I can make up all kinds of motives or thoughts, but those didn’t matter. What happened in me at that moment was the thought, “Hmmm, ok, crochet girl, let’s give it a year and see what happens.”

Actually, it may have sounded more like, “I will CRUSH you.” (but I’m not proud of that!)

I have a fierce competitive spirit and it was her laughter that got the ball rolling on Made with a Twist, but the spirit of competition isn’t enough to sustain a business, at least not for me it isn’t…and it certainly isn’t life-giving. And I need life-giving!

Instead, of focusing on that one moment and the dismal beginning my business, I found life in the brainstorming, in the creating and watching in the timid faces of my customers turning to delight as they tried on hats, looked in the mirror and heard their friends squeal, “You look so cute!”

Helping others fills my soul with sunshine and rainbows!

What This Website is All About…

Fast forward three years and I’ve gone from making $12 at one craft fair in the winter of 2013 to making over $100,000 in one month selling my crochet and crochet patterns online. And, yes, that was an amazing experience and one I won’t ever forger, but do you want to know the best part of that experience?

The best part was the many message I received from other crocheters, those that I had hired to work for me and those who had purchased my pattern to sell products in their own shops. The shared their stories of success and they thanked me for helping them to support their families, save their homes from foreclosure and provide a Christmas for their children.

Each message brought tears to my eyes and my heart swelled.  I realized that I had finally found the place where passion and purpose combined and that is when this website was birthed.

This website is all about you. 

This website is about helping you discover the place where your passion and purpose combine so that you can have the crochet business of your dreams.

Shall we begin?

Whether you are still contemplating turning your crochet hobby into a business or you already have a business, but it hasn’t taken off the way you’d like, this is the place for you!

Together, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the business of crochet, we’ll explore your dreams and desires, and get you to the place you want to be.

As I write this, it is early 2017 and I’m just beginning to create content for the site. I so appreciate your willingness to jump on board and ride this out with me from the start. As we get started, here are some ways you can prepare for success:

(a) Sign up for the VIP club in the sidebar to the left of this post. This is where you’ll stay on top of new content, receive free crochet patterns and other resources to help your business thrive!

(b) Join the VIP group on FacebookHere you’ll be part of a larger community of crocheters who have experience with my patterns and products and who share a passion for crochet and entrepreneurship, just like you!

(c) Download and print this Planning for Success page. This daily success plan will help you prioritize your goals and activities, identify roadblocks and plans to crush them, and stick to a productivity plan for your day – all things which will chart your course to success!

Finally, won’t you comment on our Roll Call post? Introduce yourself and let us know where you are in the hobby to business process and what your goals are for your business? I’ll try to respond as much and as often as I can. Even if I don’t have the opportunity to respond right away, please know that I’m reading, I welcome you and I’m excited to take this journey together!