Amigurumi Christmas Cat Crochet Pattern

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Today’s pattern is brought to you by Susi of Susi Haekelt. It’s an amigurumi Christmas cat crochet pattern that is just purrrfrect. 

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Are you ready to make your own?


  • Hook size 3 mm
  • Yarn type and yardage:
  • 2 skeins of sports weight cotton yarn in Main Color
  • 1 skein of sports weight cotton yarn in Contrast Color
  • 1 skein yards of sports weight cotton yarn in white
  • 1 skein of sports weight cotton yarn in red
  • small rests in black and pink for the face
  • fiber fill
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

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Stitches Used

  • CH:     chain
  • SC:      single crochet
  • HDC:  half-double crochet
  • SLST: slip stitch
  • MC:    main color
  • CC:      contrasting color
  • ST(S): stitch(es)
  • dec:    decrease
  • inc:     increase
  • MR:    magic ring
  • […]*x:            repeat the part […] x-times

Pattern Details

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • US Terminology
  • Gauge: 25 stitches X 29 rows = 4” square
  • Stitch used for gauge: single crochet
  • Measurement(s): 10 inches (26 cm) high

Important Notes:

  • No matter your skill level, I always suggest that you read through the pattern from beginning to end before beginning your work just to be sure you don’t have any questions that might cause frustration in the midst of your project.
  • All pieces are made in rounds unless stated otherwise
  • When changing the color (MC to CC or CC to MC), you can cut the yarn and join with the other color or carry the yarn inside the piece to the next color change
Photo of the Amigurumi Cat wearing a cute Santa Hat
Photo of the back of this crocheted stuffed animal amigurumi Christmas cat

Chrissie the Amigurumi Christmas Cat Crochet Pattern

First leg (in MC)

6 SC in MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2: [1 SC, inc]*6 (18)

RND3: [2 SC, inc]*6 (24)

RND4: [3 SC, inc]*6 (30)

RND5-26 (22 rounds): 30 SC (30)

SLST, break yarn

Second leg (in CC)

6 SC in MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2: [1 SC, inc]*6 (18)

RND3: [2 SC, inc]*6 (24)

RND4: [3 SC, inc]*6 (30)

RND5-13 (9 rounds): 30 SC (30)

change to MC

RND14-26 (13 rounds): 30 SC (30)

do not break the yarn, continue with the body


RND27: CH2, 30 SC around first leg, 2 SC in the 2 CH stitches, 30 SC around second leg (64)

RND28-32 (5 rounds): 64 SC (64)

change to CC

RND33-35 (3 rounds): 64 SC (64)

change to MC

RND36-38 (3 rounds): 64 SC (64)

change to CC

RND39-41 (3 rounds) 64 SC (64)

change to MC

RND42: 14 SC, place a stitch marker to mark the new beginning of the round

RND43: [dec]*2, 28 SC, [dec]*2, 28 SC (60)

RND44-46 (3 rounds): 60 SC (60)

RND47: [dec]*2, 26 SC, [dec]*2, 26 SC (56)

RND48: 56 SC (56)

start stuffing the body firmly and keep stuffing as you go

RND49: [dec]*2, 24 SC, [dec]*2, 24 SC (52)

RND50: 52 SC (52)

RND51: [dec]*2, 22 SC, [dec]*2, 22 SC (48)

RND52: 48 SC (48)

RND53: [dec]*2, 20 SC, [dec]*2, 20 SC (44)

RND54: 44 SC (44)

RND55: [dec]*2, 18 SC, [dec]*2, 18 SC (40)

RND56: 40 SC (40)

RND57: dec, 16 SC, [dec]*2, 16 SC, dec (36)

RND58: dec, 14 SC, [dec]*2, 14 SC, dec (32)

RND59: dec, 12 SC, [dec]*2, 12 SC, dec (28)

RND60: [dec, SC, dec, 2 SC]*4 (20)

SLST, break yarn leaving a long tail to sew on the head

Head (in MC)

6 SC in MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2: [1 SC, inc]*6 (18)

RND3: [2 SC, inc]*6 (24)

RND4: [3 SC, inc]*6 (30)

RND5: [4 SC, inc]*6 (36)

RND6: [5 SC, inc]*6 (42)

RND7: [6 SC, inc]*6 (48)

RND8: [7 SC, inc]*6 (54)

RND9: [8 SC, inc]*6 (60)

RND10: [9 SC, inc]*6 (66)

RND11-22 (12 rounds): 66 SC (66)

stuff head firmly

fold in half and close with 33 SC

break yarn and sew in all ends

Tail (in CC)

6 SC in a MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2-27 (26 rounds): 12 SC (12)

SLST, break yarn and leave a long tail to sew onto the body

do not stuff the tail

First Arm (in MC):

6 SC in a MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2: [SC, inc]*6 (18)

RND3: [8 SC, inc]*2 (20)

RND4-11 (8 rounds): 20 SC (20)

change to CC

RND12-15 (4 rounds): 20 SC (20)

change to MC

RND16-30 (15 rounds): 20 SC (20)

stuff the lower 2/3 of the arm, fold in half and close with 10 SC, break yarn leaving a long tail to sew on the arm to the body

Second Arm (in CC)

6 SC in a MR

RND1: [inc]*6 (12)

RND2: [SC, inc]*6 (18)

RND3: [8 SC, inc]*2 (20)

RND4- 21 (18 rounds): 20 SC (20)

change to MC

RND22-30 (9 rounds): 20 SC (20)

Santa hat

start with white

the brim is worked in rows and closed with SC;

the body of the hat is worked in rounds


ROW1: from the 2nd CH from the hook stitch 1 HDC in the next 6 stitches, CH1, turn (6)

ROW2: 6 HDC, CH1, turn (6)

ROW3-42 (40 rows): repeat ROW 2 (6)

close to a circle with 6 SC, CH1, continue in rounds

RND1: work 42 HDC evenly spread into the circle (42)

change to red

RND2: 42 HDC (42)

RND3: [5 HDC, dec]*6 (36)

RND4: 36 HDC (36)

RND5: [4 HDC, dec]*6 (30)

RND6: 30 HDC (30)

RND7: [3 HDC, dec]*6 (24)

RND8: 24 HDC (24)

RND9: [2 HDC, dec]*6 (18)

RND10-13 (4 rounds): 18 HDC (18)

RND14: [HDC, dec]*6 (12)

RND15: [dec]*6 (6)

SLST, break yarn, close the little hole with the yarn and sew in all ends.

Close up photo of the face of this crocheted amigurumi stuffed animal wearing a Santa hat


For the eyes (black), stitch 4-5 times vertically over RND14-16 (see photo), 11 stitches between the eyes;

for the nose, stitch 3 times horizontally over 2 stitches between the eyes, 2 rounds between eyes and nose;

For the whisker, stitch 2 whiskers on each side of the nose.

(see picture 1 for the final look of the face)

Finally, we are putting all the pieces together:

Sew the head to the body (RND1 facing the body).

Sew the tail to the back of the body (RND 39-41) – choose the beginning of the rounds as the backside as color changes might be visible here).

Sew Arms to the body (RND56)

Sew the hat to the head so that it sits on one side of the head (see photo).

Congratulations, you just finished your Christmas Cat doll.

This pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Susanne Gessl. The written pattern is for personal use only. Purchase of the pattern does not entitle the purchaser to redistribute, transfer, or sell the pattern or to alter it in order to claim as his/her own.

If you choose to sell the finished product, please credit @susi_haekelt as the designer and provide a link to in your online listing.

I hope you enjoy your finished product! If you have any trouble with the pattern, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Once Your Project Is Finished

I know you’re going to love making Chrissie the Christmas Cat and I so look forward to seeing your finished product.

  • Be sure to share photos on social media using the hashtag #30DaysofCozy and #chrissiexmascat so we can all see your project and give you all-the-hearts. 💖💖💖

I can’t wait to see your creations!

Until then, stay cozy and keep on yarning. ♥

About the Designer

Photo of the guest designer Susanne Gessl

Susanne Gessl

Susi is the creative brain behind

Her own yarn story started with a baby blanket in 2015 and she hasn’t put that hook down since. As a maker and mum of 2, she spends every free minute designing and creating gifts for her own children. Now, she also helps mums who want to make colorful and unique toys that their kids will love for years to come. With her easy to follow patterns, everyone can make beautiful items in just a few hours. Her favorite crochet projects are Amigurumi and her favorite place to hang out online is Instagram where, every Tuesday, she shares the best ideas for using your scrap yarn.

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