Blanket Yarn Kitty Super Pillow

When my friend, Lisa, from Stitch in Progress was doing a Facebook live video a few weeks ago in Our Crochet Community, she mentioned that her daughter was redecorating her bedroom and was wanting a cat pillow that wasn’t too babyish, wasn’t too pink, and wasn’t too big. Well, with my blanket yarn kitty pillow, […]

Star Mandala Wall Hanging

Boho Wall Hangings and Crafty Mandalas are all the rage for home decor! No matter your style, farmhouse, modern, ecclectic…you can find a wall hanging that’s the perfect fit. So, I thought, what better time to create a Star Mandala Wall Hanging in a Fourth of July colorway?! I used the traditional method of creating […]

Gorgeous Cone Shaped Hanging Planter

I guess it’s May basket month! I just can’t seem to get enough of hanging baskets of all sorts and this design is no exception. The Desert Rose Hanging Planter is a crochet pattern designed to give you one more option for your craft fair inventory or one more, amazingly gorgeous hanging basket to adorn […]

8 In Demand Crochet Items for Summer Craft Fairs

There’s no secret that I love craft fairs! Well, I love selling at them more than I love attending them…but that’s the introvert in me. Anyway, I thought maybe you’d enjoy these best-selling, in demand crochet items for summer craft fairs. These are all patterns that are profit-optimized and perfect for warm weather craft shows. Now, […]