How to Make a Bobble Christmas Tree – Quick and Easy Crochet Pattern

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Pinterest graphic for Bobble Christmas Trees Crochet Pattern from Made with a Twist with a photo of 3 bobble trees in 3 different sizes and colors

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For weeks, I’ve been wanting to create some home decor items that I could sell at my November craft fairs. I know pumpkins are hot (and I have a great pumpkin pattern that I may have to save until next year), but most of my buyers are Christmas shoppers. So, when Mary Maxim asked if I wanted to design something special with their yarn, I thought these bobble Christmas trees would do the trick!

And I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Introducing the Bibbledy Bobbledy Christmas Tree

Photo of 2 Bobble Christmas Trees in blue and white colors on a flat wooded decor

The Bibbledy Bobbledy Christmas Tree crochet pattern is so named because I’m at Disney World as this pattern launches…and, yes, I purchased a new Mickey Christmas decoration!

The crocheted pine tree is three dimensional and can be made any size you wish. The pattern includes instructions for three sizes (measurements listed below) but experienced crocheters will be able to increase the size easily.

If you’re not experienced, simply choose a size 6 yarn and use a hook just one or two sizes smaller than recommended by the manufacturer to create a chunkier tree.

Want a tiny tree? Use size 4 yarn, similarly, and you’ll have a Christmas village sized decor….and keep an eye out for an add-on modification for this pattern as earring sized trees are in the works!

See…these beauties are so versatile! I can’t wait to see yours. Be sure to share your trees on social media and tag @madewithatwist so I can share your handiwork with all my followers. (I love to see your take on my designs!)

Click the button, below, to grab your copy of this design and, if you’re a seller, scroll on down to see my suggested pricing for your finished products.

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Large tree: 8″ tall x 6″ across at base

Medium tree: 7″ tall x 4.5″ at base

Small tree: 6″ tall x 3″ at base

Pattern Notes

  • Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate
  • US Terminology 
  • Permission to sell the finished product – kindly credit @madewithatwist in online listings.
  • See suggested retail pricing, below.
Image of three crocheted Bobble Christmas Trees home decor in brown, blue, and white colors on a circular wooden plank
It’s too bad I didn’t send this photo to my tech editor! Did you catch the mistake? Since I’m on vacation right now, I’m going to leave the spelling error. When I get home, I’ll retake this photo. Merry Christmas!

Suggested Pricing for Crochet Sellers

Photo of a chart with the suggested pricing for crochet sellers


*Marketing to bargain shoppers is not recommended.

*Increase value for boutique buyers with luxury yarns, packaging, and/or embellishments for boutique shoppers.

Don’t Know Your Target Market?

Check out this article from Crochetpreneur, Know Your Customers: How to Quicky Connect to Your Buyer and Increase Sales.

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  1. Tory Turner

    Hi there Pam! I really want to subscribe to your blog so that I can follow you and so that I can learn how to really start my business in the crochet world but I canโ€™t seem to figure out how to do that. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you!

  2. Amanda Wilson

    I don’t see the directions for how to make these? Pinterest said it was a tutorial/free pattern. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Amanda,
      I’m so sorry for the confusion. A scraper site created a false Pinterest pin in order to make ad revenue from my image (click bait). From there, they linked to the actual post, here. This pattern has always been a premium pattern and not offered for free.
      I know that’s really frustrating, it’s frustrating for me, too. I hope you understand that errant pin wasn’t my doing but was copyright infringement.

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