Free Star Stitch Wrist Warmers Crochet Pattern

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I’m so grateful to have Shehla from The Blue Elephants joining us for our 30 Days of Cozy event. Shehla has been so sweet to offer her Flurry Wrist Warmers as a free crochet pattern – along with a special bonus offer for our 30 Days of Cozy bundle, the Flurry beanie!

Scroll on down to find the wrist warmers pattern and learn how you get your hands on both designs as printable PDF downloads!

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Meet Shehla Ahmed

Shehla is owner and designer of The Blue Elephants blog. It’s a place where you’ll learn how to crochet, knit, and get access to patterns that are fun and modern – but more than that, you’ll be part of a community of makers. A community of strong women who make things happen and empower each other to grow and share their unique gifts. Shehla’s goal is to guide and teach you how to take your passions and create a business with them, find joy in doing what you love no matter what others think, and to reach for the things you want in life.

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The Flurry Wrist Warmers

These wrist warmers are easy and quick to work up, and they make great gifts! The texture and pattern of the star stitch used in this make the wrist warmers extra thick and warm. Plus, they look a bit like snowflakes! I love how simple these are to size and customize for anyone, and with the matching beanie, you’re all set for snow day fun!

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Skill Level


Sizes/Finished Measurements

Small (Medium, Large)

Width:  7.25 (7.5, 8)”

Height: 6”


8 star sts and 13 rows = 4”/10 cm

Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain gauge.

Stitch Abbreviations

  • BO – Bind Off (Finish Off)
  • HDC – Half-double Crochet
  • RS – Right Side
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • st – Stitch
  • YO – Yarn Over

Special Stitches

Star st = Insert your hook into the 5th “leg” of the first star stitch (explained in pattern) and pull up a loop. Then, insert your hook into the same space as that 5th leg and pull up another loop. Pull up loops from each of the next 2 spaces. YO, and pull through all 5 at once, and chain 1 to close.

Pattern Notes

  • US Terminology
  • You can adjust the width of the wrist warmers to you by measure your hand around your knuckles and chaining to that length. I’ve included 3 sizes, but any odd number will work.

How to Make these Flurry Wrist Warmers

Chain 29 (31, 33). Work the first row into the back bumps of the chain.

Row 1: HDC into the first chain next to the hook.

For the first star stitch, insert your hook into the same space as the HDC and pull up a loop. Pull up a loop from each of the next 3 chains. YO, and pull through all 5 loops at once. Chain 1 to close the star stitch and you’re done with the first one!

Now, for the next stitch and each one after, we’ll start by working into the previous star stitch. Insert your hook into the 5th “leg” of the star stitch and pull up a loop. Then, insert your hook into the same space on the chain as that 5th leg and pull up another loop. Pull up loops from each of the next 2 spaces. You should again have 5 loops on the hook. YO, and pull through all 5 at once, and chain 1 to close. Repeat until the last space and HDC into the last chain.

Row 2: Chain 1, turn.  Work 1 SC into the HDC of the previous row. 2 SC into the center, or eye, of each star stitch in the row, SC into the last space. Chain 1 and turn to work the next row.

Row 3: HDC into the chain 1 space. Insert your hook into the same space and pull up a loop. Pull up loops from the next 3 spaces, then YO and pull through all 5 loops. Chain 1 to close. Star st across until the last space. HDC into the last, then chain 1 and turn to start the next row.

Rows 4-18: Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your wrist warmer is the height you want it to be, ending on a SC row.

Row 19: Fold the wrist warmer in half and with the RS out, slip stitch loosely in each space along the top and finish in the round. BO and leave an extra long tail for sewing the sides and finishing the bottom edge.


Thread the tail yarn through a yarn needle and whip stitch the side closed for about 1 inch. Then whip stitch around only one side for 1.5 inches, make a stitch connecting the two sides again, and continue to whip stitch back up the other half of the 1.5-inch hole for the thumb. Then, bring the yarn needle through the fabric to where you joined the halves together again and stitch the rest of the sides together.

When you reach the bottom edge, secure with a knot but do not cut the yarn. Use your hook to pull a loop through the first stitch in the round and slip stitch loosely around. The extra little bit of slip stitches helps the edges stay neat and even and gives a little support for when you pull the gloves on and off. Then BO, weave in the ends and trim the excess yarn.

Make the second one the same way.

Photo of the crocheted Star Stitched Fingerless Gloves with a Winter Hat

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