Sleigh Ride Wrap Crochet Pattern: 30 Days of Cozy

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Today’s guest designer, Melanie of Counting Crafty Sheep, brings us an entire collection of patterns to celebrate a hygge holiday time. The collection includes the Sleigh Ride Wrap and Boot cuffs, launching today, and the Sleigh Ride scarf and beanie, launching soon! Here’s what Melanie has to say about the collection:

This collection was designed to evoke all those cozy holiday feels. Images of horse-drawn carriages and large antique sleighs dominated my thoughts as I visualized what I wanted to create for the 30 Days of Cozy bundle. When I look at the Sleigh ride Wrap, I can’t help but picture a moonlit night gliding through the snow as I enjoy the holiday light displays. That image is what inspired the striped design found in each of these patterns.

And, now, Melanie’s designs are featured as part of the Best of 30 Days of Cozy!

Pinterest graphic for Sleigh Ride Wrap FREE Beginner Crochet Pattern with a photo of a woman wearing this wrap

Something I have noticed is that there is a distinct lack of gender-neutral and masculine patterns, especially when it comes to pattern bundles. For this reason, I wanted to be sure to include a variation on the sleigh ride theme that my husband, and hopefully others who prefer a more traditionally masculine look, would enjoy. I consulted him on everything from colors to stitch tension, and the resulting Sleighride Scarf is everything I hoped for (as in, something he will actually use).

My hope is that makers will find something in this collection that every member of their family might enjoy. So, grab a cup of something warm, pop on your favorite show or playlist, and settle in for some deliciously cozy crocheting.

Photo of a woman sitting on a sofa holding a cup and wearing the crocheted Sleigh Ride Wrap

Are you ready to make your own?

On Oct 27-30, be sure to grab you coupon code and get 50% off the premium pattern for the Sleigh Ride Wrap! Just click that button below.


  • Buttercream Luxe Craft Alpaca Solid or similar Super Bulky size 6 yarn in 3 colors
    • one skein each at 130 yards per skein
  • 9.0 mm crochet hook (size M)
  • Darning needle

Stitches Used

SC: Single Crochet

HBDC: Herringbone Double Crochet

HBDC Two Together Decrease

SC Two Together Decrease

Slip Stitch

Pattern Details

  • Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
  • US Terminology
  • Size(s): One Size
  • Measurement(s): When folded in half the wrap is 50 inches long at the longest point. The armholes are 9 inches by 4 inches when laid flat. The ruffle is about 28 inches long by 3 inches tall.
  •  Gauge: 6 stitches X 4 rows = 4” square
  • Stitch used for gauge: Herringbone Double Crochet
  • No matter your skill level, I always suggest that you read through the pattern from beginning to end before beginning your work just to be sure you don’t have any questions that might cause frustration in the midst of your project.
  • You will be working in long vertical sections for the majority of this project. The ruffle is added on after completing the body, and the last step is adding the edging to the armholes.
  • Add more stitches/rows to each section for a larger warmer. I wrapped it around my leg to gauge the sizing as I was making it. Remember, adding or removing stitches from the length may change the counts in the pattern.
A photo of the Sleigh Ride Wrap on a hanger hanging on the back of a white door

The Sleigh Ride Wrap Crochet Pattern

With 9mm hook…

Row 1: (Main Color) Chain 138 stitches and turn. In the third chain from the hook, HBDC and continue in each stitch across your work. Chain two and turn.(136)

Rows 2-10: HBDC in every stitch across. When you reach the end chain two and turn. Note, at the end of the tenth row, you will complete the final stitch with your next color. This will create a smooth transition between colors. (136)

Rows 11-12: Using color B, repeat the instructions from row two. (136)

Row 13: Place a stitch marker 40 stitches from each end of the wrap. Count from each marker towards the inside of the wrap, after 18 stitches place another marker (59 stitches from each end). You are going to start decreasing in this row. HBDC two together twice, continue working HBDC up to and including the first stitch marker. After you work the marked space, chain 18 and skip 18, rejoin with an HBDC in the 59th stitch (second stitch marker) and continue until you reach the next marker. Chain 18 and skip 18, rejoin in the same space as the last marker with an HBDC. Continue HBDC until the last four stitches. HBDC two together twice. Chain two and turn. (132)

Row 14: HBDC two together in the next two stitches. You will only decrease once at the beginning and end of each row from here onward. Continue working an HBDC in every stitch, including the chain stitches from the previous row until you have two stitches left. HBDC two together. Chain two and turn. (130)

Rows 15-17: HBDC two together. HBDC in each stitch across until the last two stitches. HBDC two together. Chain two and turn. At the end of row seventeen, complete the stitch with your next color, just like you did for the last color change. (128)

Rows 18-20: Using color C, repeat the instructions from row 15. At the end of row twenty, cut yarn and fasten off. Remove your stitch markers to use in the next step. (126)

Adding the Ruffle

Row 1: Count 30 stitches from each end of the last row and place a marker in the 31st stitch. This is the span of your ruffle. With the right side of your work facing you, join color C in the same space as the first marker. SC in each stitch to the next marker, chain two and turn. (66)

Row 2: HBDC two in each stitch across. Chain two and turn. (132)

Row 3: Repeat row two, but only chain one and turn at the end. (264)

Row 4: Slip stitch in every stitch across. (264)

Edging the Arm Holes

Round 1: With the right side facing you, join color B at the bottom of the arm opening with a slip stitch and chain one. Working in the space between the stitches, not the stitches themselves, do an SC in each space all the way around. Make sure you have an even number of stitches when you rejoin at the start of the round. Join with a slip stitch and chain one. (44)

Round 2: SC decrease in the next two stitches and continue working a decrease every two stitches all the way around. Join to start with a slip stitch and chain one. (22)

Round 3: Work around the decrease stitches and SC in the space between each stitch from the previous row. Your count should go back up to about what you started with, but you will have a tighter sleeve with a little more rigidity to it. (44)

Closer look at the stitches on the Sleigh Ride Wrap FREE Beginner Crochet Pattern

Download the Sleigh Ride Wrap Crochet Pattern

While the free pattern is shared above, our readers often ask how to get a printable pattern or how they can support the work of independent designers such as Counting Crafty Sheep.

That is why we’ve made this pattern available as premium, ad-free, downloadable PDF. If you’d like to support Bethany’s work, you can purchase the pattern, via the button, below.

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