Sore-Ear Saver Mask Holder: Free Crochet Pattern

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No more itching and painful ears for the doctors and nurses we love! This quick and easy sore-ear saver will hold their masks in place without the chafing. Two buttons hold the elastic loops and they’ll be good to go!

This simple little project is a sore ear saver. Simply hook the elastic loops of a face mask over the buttons and stop the chafing.

This is a perfect project to work up with scraps and just a few minutes of time. Save an angel when you make these in bulk and donate them to your local hospital.

This free pattern is shared, below. However, many of you have asked how you can support the work of Made with a Twist during this difficult time for small business owners. If that’s you, I am so grateful to you for your kindness. You can purchase the large-print, ad-free PDF for just $3 through either the button link, below.

How to Make the Sore Ear Saver Mask Holder

Skill Level




Not necessary for this pattern. Use finished measurements as a guide.

Finished Measurements

3, 4 or 5″ in length x 1.5 in

Stitch Abbreviations

ch – chain

hdc – half-double crochet

sc – single crochet

slst – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)

Pattern Notes

  • US Terminology
  • Pattern for smalles size shown with additional sizes in parenthesis.
  • To make with worsted weight yarn, simply chain the number of stitches needed to reach your desired length and follow the pattern, with sc in first and last sts and hdcs in between. Repeat row 2 until the piece is your desired width.
  • Also, while I made this with acrylic yarn, for best wear and ability to sanatize, a cotton yarn will be your best option. You can always hold two strands of size 4 cotton to get the ease of super bulky.

Sore-Ear Saver Mask Holder

Chain 7 (10, 13)

Row 1: Sc in 1st ch from hook, hdc in next 4 (7, 10) sts, sc in last st. 6 (9, 12) sts

Row 2: Ch1, sc in first st, hdc in next 4 (7, 10) sts, sc in last st.

Fasten off. Tuck ends.

Sew buttons to each end of the ear saver.

Suggested Retail Pricing Guide

Permission is given (even encouraged) to sell your handmade products created from this original Made with a Twist pattern. I only ask that you give credit to Pam Grice from Made with a Twist as the designer, when possible, and link back to and/or @madewithatwist (on social media) when selling and sharing images online.

Suggested Retail Price


  • Marketing to bargain shoppers is not recommended.
  • Increase value for boutique buyers with luxury yarns, packaging, and/or embellishments for boutique shoppers.

I love seeing your finished projects!  If you enjoyed making the Jolie Button Scarf, I’d love to see yours on Instagram. To be sure I don’t miss it, please tag me, @madewithatwist, when you post your photos!

©2020 Montgomery Grice Enterprises, Inc | Made with a Twist | Pamela Grice This pattern and its associated images are copyright protected. The pattern is for your personal use only. Please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter and claim as your own.

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  1. I can not easily see how to print the patterns?

    1. Hi, the printable PDF is available inside the Free Pattern Library which is available to newsletter subscribers. In the middle of this post is a form to sign up for the newsletter. When you do that, you’ll receive the library password where you can download the PDF to print from your computer. I hope that helps!

      1. I subscribed and the free library did not show up. It sent me to a site that asked me to buy the free pattern

        1. Hi, there was a little technical problem. It should be fixed now. The link to the free pattern library is at the bottom of your welcome email along with the password to access the patterns. I hope that helps!

  2. Laura Johnson says:

    Is there a pattern for the mask?

    1. Hi, I don’t have a pattern for the face mask. I actually was making an afghan square when my husband asked, “Can you make that square into a face mask for me?” So, I folded it in half, seamed up about an inch across the top (so it leaves a pocket for a filter), gathered up the edges and added loops for the ears. The pattern itself is a 6 inch square done in Tunisian Smock Stitch. TL Yarn Crafts has a great tutorial on YouTube for that stitch. I hope that helps! Pam

  3. Awesome….for both your mask for your husband and the “ear savers”…. I’ve been putting off making any type of mask for myself just because of the ear factor. I tried the bandana/hairband mask and found it very hard on my ears as well as a little bulky on my face. 🙁 I LOVE that you have the pocket for a filter…one key issue I was wanting. I think I can figure out how to make me a face mask just off your description, even if the pattern isn’t exactly the same. Thank you for both!!!

    1. You’re so welcome. I hope this solves the problem of discomfort for you!

  4. Wonderful idea! Why didn’t I think of that. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s going to save my ears.

  5. These are just great! I actually made a fabric mask and it was a tad loose when I hooked it around my ears. I made knots in the elastics, and then it pulled too tight. Now I can make it fit correctly with this idea!

  6. Kathy McCollough says:

    I’m a nurse making these for coworkers. I’m also a very beginner at crochet. The pattern is easy and makes up quickly. My only issue is getting the buttons to stay on. Sometimes the knot pulls through the yarn loosening the hold. Any suggestions? My coworkers LOVE them. This gives me something to do in my motel room and coworkers give me the buttons. End up trading buttons for bands. Everyone wins.

    1. When you attach the buttons, be sure the yarn is coming through in two different places on the project. Then, use a surgeon’s knot to tie them. Be sure your ends are long enough that you can tuck them going in two or three different directions to hold them secure. I hope that helps!

  7. Kathy McCollough says:

    Thank you for your help. I have made around 50 of these and given them to hospital staff. Yesterday for the first time someone sought me out asking about the bands. As a travel nurse I am living in a motel. Making theses gives me something to do on my days off. Again, thank you for the pattern and advise. You are making a difference!

  8. Hi, I am making some of your ear savers but I am truly confused about the size button you are suggesting. Two millimeters makes sense but 2 7/8 inches does not. That would be a huge button. Which one is the correct size please? I know it should be large enough to hold the mask on without slipping.

    1. Hi Renee,
      There seems to be some confusion. It is not a 2 7/8″ button but two buttons that are 7/8″ in diameter. I see how that could be confusing. I’ll go ahead and edit the materials list to make it more clear.


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