Peek-a-boo Baby Hat Pattern

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Hortense reached out to me several months ago about being a guest designer on the Made with a Twist blog and I was so pleased to be able to invite her to 30 Days of Cozy – I just love the tenacity of designers and people who ask for what they want! And now, I’m even more pleased to share with you her Peek-a-boo Baby Hat pattern as today’s brand new design for 30 Days of Cozy. I think it’s going to become your go-to baby project.

Photo of the guest designer Hortense

Meet Hortense

I ’m Hortense, a passionate knitter, crocheter and yarn addict. I created Knitting with Chopsticks to share my creations and help you make your own.
It’s thanks to blogs like this one that I have learned most of what I know about knitting and crochet. My mom taught me the basics of knitting when I was a small girl, bored on the beach (yep, that’s possible when you are 10) and since then I haven’t stopped. Always looking to learn, do more, do better and share my love of yarn, I created Knitting with Chopsticks to make knitting and crochet as simple as it gets so YOU can create what YOU want the way YOU want it.

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Photo of the blue Peek-a-boo Baby Hat with a colorful coaster at the back

The Peek-a-boo Baby Hat

Photo of the blue Peek-a-boo Baby Hat FREE Crochet Pattern



Gauge in rows of sc is 8st by 9 rows for a 10 cm / 4” square.


The pattern is graded for size premie to teen.

Premie size has a diameter of 32 cm /

Baby size has a diameter of 36 cm /

Toddler size has a diameter of 45 cm /

Child size has a diameter of 52 cm /

Sizes are indicated in the following manner throughout the pattern: premie (baby, toddler, child).

Stitch Abbreviations

  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • inc = increase = make 2 sc in the same stitch
  • dec = decrease = single crochet the next 2 stitches together
  • miss 1 = skip 1 stitch

Repeat instructions between ** the indicated number of times or until the end of the round.

Pattern Notes

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • US Terminology 
  • The hat is worked in the round. At the end of a round, just start working into the 1st stitch, no need to do a slip stitch to close the round. Keep working in spiral unless mentioned otherwise.
The blue Peek-a-boo Baby Hat for boys and girls FREE Crochet Pattern

How to Make the Peek-a-boo Baby Hat

In a magic circle make 6 sc

Round 1: inc in each st (12 st)

Round 2: * sc, inc * 6 times (18 st)

Round 3: * 2sc, inc * 6 times (24 st)

For premie size, skip rounds 4 to 6 and continue with round 7.

Round 4: * 3sc, inc * 6 times (30 st)

For baby size, skip rounds 5 to 6 and continue with round 7.

Round 5: * 4sc, inc * 6 times (36 st)

For toddler size, skip round 6 and continue with round 7.

Round 6: * 5sc, inc * 6 times (42 st)

Round 7 : sc around

Round 8: * 2 (3, 4, 5) dc, dec* 6 times

Round 9: sc around

Round 10: dc around

Round 11: sc around

For toddler and child size Repeat rows 10 and 11 one more time.

Round 12: *hdc, ch 1, miss 1* repeat around, slip stitch in the first hdc to close the round, ch 1

Round 13: sc around.

Bind off and weave in the ends.

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