10 Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns to Sell

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Crochet makers and sellers, if you haven’t been thinking about your fall craft fair inventory, it’s time to start. Fall decor is popping up all over big box stores. So if you want to be included in your customers’ fall decorating plans, you need to get your products out there right now! Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this selection of quick and easy Thanksgiving crochet patterns to sell.

Collage of 10 Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns from Made With a Twist

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for all the good things we have, not the least of which is your crochet business. Your business allows you to make money doing something you love, on your terms, in your own time. Because these patterns are quick and easy to make, you save on labor costs, which means you can make a profit and still offer a good value that your customers will be thankful for. More than that, when you earn more, you can share more with others.

So whip up one of these cute accessories, Thanksgiving table decor, or harvest-themed decor accents. With this variety, you’re almost certain to find something to suit your target customer!

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Okay, I know you’re busy so let’s not delay your fall craft fair prep any longer. Here are 10 Thanksgiving crochet patterns, perfect for your Etsy shop or fall craft fairs!

Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns to Sell This Fall

10 Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns to Sell

This selection of thanksgiving crochet patterns honors the bounty of the fall harvest. With fun crochet accessories, classy tableware, and lots of pumpkins, you will find something to suit the taste of almost any customer. And these patterns are quick to make, saving you hours of labor and boosting the profits of your crochet business.

What do you think? Which of these designs would your customers love to feature in their Thanksgiving decor? Comment, below, and tell us. We’d love for you to share your fall and harvest crochet patterns, too! 

As always, tag @madewithatwist in your social media shares of MWAT designs so I can feature you in upcoming posts!

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