The Saga of the Messy Bun Hat

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Have you ever had one of ‘those’ ideas? You know the one that keeps rolling around in your head but never quite makes it out onto paper or canvas or, in my case, yarn?  I’m not sure why I hadn’t taken the time to sit down and create the Messy Bun Hut before now, but it was just one of those ideas that sat in the recesses of my mind waiting for ‘the right time.’

So, on Dec. 7, 2016, when I was tagged in an ISO Facebook post to possibly make a similar type of hat, I thought, “the time is now!”

I google searched the image of the lovely hat that friends and family were searching for and discovered that it wasn’t being offered for sale and there was no pattern to be found. So, I set out to create a bun hat in the Made with a Twist style.

And when I say “set out to create” I mean, it was 10:00 PM, my husband and I were settling in for the night, watching television and relaxing when, all of the sudden, I jumped into action.

“Oh my gosh, honey, I have an idea! Don’t talk to me for at least an hour. I’ll fill you in when I’m done!”

I grabbed my favorite yarn and hook and searched the house for an elastic hair tie (the hair tie, you see, was the key to the uniqueness of the hat).

Now, I’ve had short hair for at least 6 years. Finding a hair tie proved no small task, but I finally pulled one out of the dark recesses of a drawer in my vanity.

After 60 minutes or so, I had the hat finished. I turned on every available light in my studio, propped Mandy (she’s my lovely mannequin whom you will come to know and love) on the cloth covered ironing board and took some quick (and horrible, see below) photos. I posted the photos on Facebook and created a listing on my Etsy shop.

Messy Bun Hat Pattern

Then, I quickly whipped up a pattern and got that listed as well. (Admittedly, in my haste, the pattern wasn’t up to my usual standard, but that was remedied within days.)

The next day, Chelsea (one of my brand reps whom you will also come to know and love), asked if she should stop by to take photos.


We took some cute pictures…

Made with a Twist Messy Bun Hat

and a quick “how to” video and, within a matter of minutes, she was gone.

I posted that video on Facebook and after 63 million people reached, life hasn’t been the same for any of us.

Here’s the same video, as seen on YouTube:

What happened next was truly epic….

And I’ll share that story another day.

Click here to purchase the Messy Bun Hat Pattern

Click here to purchase the Messy Bun Hat

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