Tunisian Candy Cane Scarf

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OK, I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Tunisian crochet. When I was a kid, we called it Afghan crochet but it’s the same thing….beautifully simple stitches that make a great backdrop for graphic designs. Today, we have a modern design from our friend, Noorain, from Noor’s Knits and it’s an adorable free Tunisian Candy Cane Scarf crochet pattern.

While the free pattern is below, Noorain also designed a coordinating cowl in candy cane stripes. When you upgrade to the premium, downloadable PDF pattern, you get instructions for both the scarf AND the matching “mommy and me” cowl!

And now this adorable design is part of the Best of 30 Days of Cozy!

Photo of Noorain Nizami and a little boy wearing red shirts and the crocheted Tuni Candy Cane Scarf FREE pattern and cowl

Get Two Patterns in One

As a featured design, you can grab the PDF downloadable pattern of this mommy and me set for 50% November 1-5! Click the button, below, to head over to the event site to grab your coupon code. Then, come back here, scroll to the bottom, and purchase the PDF from your favorite e-commerce platform.

Or, if you just want the free scarf pattern, you’ll find it, below.

Close up photo of the candy cane design from the Tunisian scarf FREE crochet pattern

The Tuni Candy Cane Scarf

How many times have you wanted to match your mini during the holidays but couldn’t find anything to go with their kiddish outfit?! This is what inspired me to create this candy cane theme mommy and me scarf and cowl set! Matching doesn’t always have to mean you wear something that is exactly the same! There are some subtle ways that you can match without looking like an oversized kid haha! 

Introducing the Tuni Candy Cane Scarf and Cowl set! The first part of this mommy and me set is the perfect chunky scarf to keep your little one cozy! This is a toddler scarf with fun huge pockets for your little one to stick all their favorite things into such as candy or a small toy!!

This scarf is crocheted flat using super bulky yarn. The size can be adjusted for child-size by completing more rows.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fisherman and Claret! The pockets are worked as 2 squares. Stitches used include Tunisian Simple Stitch, Tunisian Knit Stitch, and Tunisian Purl Stitch! If you have never tried Tunisian crochet before, don’t worry video tutorials are linked throughout!

The free pattern can be found below.

You can upgrade to the PDF which includes a full-color chart for the candy cane graph as well as a pattern for an adult cowl (a perfect mommy and me set!)! The cowl is also worked flat and seamed to form a tube. It is the perfect design inspired by the stripes on candy canes without being too childish for an adult to wear! Both patterns would be a great gift set for the upcoming holiday season or even as items at your next market! Find both patterns as part of this awesome 30 Days of Cozy bundle! 

Photo of a little boy holding a phone and wearing a plaid red and black shirt and the Tuni Candy Cane Scarf neck warmer


Skill Level

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Finished Size

  • The finished scarf size is 5 in. wide by 46 in. in length
  • The scarf can be made longer by doing more rows of TSS.


Gauge is 10 st. over 16 rows in Tunisian Knit Stitch for a 4×4 in. square

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Sl st: Slip stitch
  • Ch: Chain
  • Tss: Tunisian simple stitch
  • Tks: Tunisian knit stitch
  • RetP: Return Pass -Explained above.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is for a candy cane theme Tunisian crochet toddler/child scarf that is worked flat. The perfect cozy gift for a little one this holiday season with big pockets to fill with treats and fun things!

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • US Terminology 
  • Pattern rows are Forward pass instructions.
  • The following instructions are implied:
    • The loop already on the hook at the beginning of the row counts as the first st.
    • Always TSS in the last st of the row, being sure to work under both loops of the st.
  • Return Pass: Follow the foundation row and each row with the Return Pass in the same color.
    • Return Pass Instructions: Ch 1, *yarn over, pull through two loops; repeat from * until 1 loop remains on the hook.
Photo of a kid using the crocheted Tunisian Christmas Themed Scarf

How to Make this Tunisian Candy Cane Scarf

Toddler/Child Scarf Pattern Instructions:

Ch 13 with Col A

Row 1 (Foundation Row): Pick up a loop in the back bump of each chain. Complete normal RetP. (13 sts)

Row 2: TSS across (13 sts)

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 46 in. from cast on edge or for desired length. Bind off and cut yarn leaving an 8 in. tail. Weave in ends.


Ch 15 with Col A

Row 1 (Foundation Row): Pick up a loop in the back bump of each chain. Complete normal RetP. (15 sts)

*Note: Work the following color work rows in Tks

Row 2 and 3: Tks across (15 sts)

Row 4: (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 11(15 sts)

Row 5: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 6: (Col B) x 4, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 7: (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 8: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 9: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 1, (Col B ) x 2, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 10: (Col B) x 4, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 11: (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 10 (15 sts) 

Row 12: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 10(15 sts)

Row 13: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 4, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 4(15 sts)

Row 14: (Col B) x 4, (Col A) x 3, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 3(15 sts) 

Row 15: (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 3, (Col B) x 4, (Col A) x 3(15 sts)

Row 16: (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 5, (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 3(15 sts)

Row 17: (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 4(15 sts)

Row 18: (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 1, (Col B) x 2, (Col A) x 2, (Col B) x 1, (Col A) x 5(15 sts)

Row 19: (Col A) x 3, (Col B) x 5, (Col A) x 6 (15 sts) 

Row 20: TSS across with (Col A) (15 sts)

Leaving a 24 in. tail bind off in TSS

Weave in all loose ends except for the 24 in. tail.

Repeat instructions for the second pocket


With the right side of the pocket and right side of scarf facing you, place the pocket on top of the scarf aligning the bottom of the pocket with the third row up from the bottom of the scarf. Join the pocket to the scarf with whip stitch or your preferred method of joining pieces. Repeat on the other end of the scarf for joining the second pocket.

Photo of a little boy sitting on a soft carpet wearing the Tuni scarf and red and black plaid shirt with pands

Download the PDF for Both Designs (Scarf and Cowl)

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