12 Valentine Crochet Items to Sell

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Now that the busy holiday season is over and summer craft fairs and festivals are months away, January may feel like a bit of a slump for crochet makers and sellers. Of course, self-care for crafters is a necessity, so perhaps you’d like to take some time to reset and recharge. But you still need to make some money during this time. Luckily, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for an income boost. And to help you, I’ve rounded up 12 Valentine crochet items to sell.

On Valentine’s Day, shoppers will be looking for cozy home decor or heartfelt gifts for their loved ones. So in this selection, you’ll find heart garlands, cuddly pillows, heart-shaped baskets, and even a quick and easy crochet blanket. There’s also a demand for small token items, like heart key chains, that can be passed out as classroom gifts.

12 Quick & Easy Crochet Valentine Patterns to Make & Sell

Whether you prefer to sell crochet items at craft fairs or in an online shop, the principle is the same. The most profitable crochet items to make and sell are those that work up quickly. That means you can produce more inventory in less time, which saves you on labor costs and allows you to earn a better rate for your hard work.

These patterns were selected because they are quick and easy to make. Most of them use thick yarns, but I’ve also thrown in some small items in worsted weight yarn. I’ve included items of different price points as well. Every one of them is a perfect match for your customers who love love. And if you don’t sell it all on Valentine’s Day, many of these items could be marketed for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or wedding season!

Dealing with Isolation as a Crochet Business Owner

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The Dangers of Isolation for Crochet Business Owners

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Increase! Crochet Business Summit Live 2024

If you want to learn more or sign up, head over to the Crochetprenuer blog to catch the podcast episode, where I’ll tell you what you can expect from the Crochet Business Summit. Then, while you’re listening, pick up your hook and yarn and start making one of these 12 adorable Valentine crochet patterns!

Valentine Crochet Items to Sell Online and at Craft Fairs

12 Valentine Crochet Ideas to Make & Sell

Whether you're looking to make heartfelt home decor or small items for classroom Valentine's Day gifts, check out these 12 quick and easy Valentine crochet patterns that save you time and boost your profits!

What do you think? Which of these adorable crochet products would your customers fall in love with? Comment, below, and tell us. We’d love for you to share your best quick and easy Valentine’s Day patterns, too! 

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