Serpent’s Touch Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

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A Pinterest image for the Serpent's Touch infinity scarf. A rust colored, unisex scarf wrapped around the neck of a man who is looking at the camera and surrounded by red flowers.

Finally, something for the men! The free crochet pattern for Serpent’s Touch unisex infinity scarf is brought to us by Vincent from Knot Bad Ami and is a gorgeous super scarf that is a great gift for someone special, a gift exchange, or just something great for yourself!

Photo of guest designer Vincent Green-Hite who is behind Knot Bad Ami and yarn Punk sitting on a wooden chair crocheting

Meet Vincent Green-Hite

My name is Vincent Green-Hite and I currently reside in the great Pacific Northwest! To be even more precise, Portland, Oregon. I am the 24-year-old behind Knot Bad Ami and Yarn Punk.

What I do isn’t revolutionary by any means of the word, but it sure is fun; I crochet! I began my crochet journey in August of 2015 after deciding college wasn’t for me and leaving my luxurious job as a delivery driver at Dominos Pizza. After quitting school and my job, I found myself in my parents’ basement, so I did the next logical step and I looked up how to crochet on YouTube!

Making Pokemon was what my heart wanted to do. I directed my focus on an art form known as Amigurumi, the Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuffed animals. Just trying to distract myself and focus on my mental health, this was an outlet that was working for me. Thanks to Instagram, I started getting noticed and realized I could make this a full-time gig- So here I am now!

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Photo of Vincent Green-Hite wearing the Serpent's Touch Unisex Infinity Scarf looking away from the camera
A blue eyed guy with a black jacket and rust colored super bulky infinity scarf looking directly at the camera.

The Serpent’s Touch Scarf

I am so in love with having yarn around my neck – without it, I really do feel naked. So with the love of yarn, especially the bulky kind, I decided to make a pretty extra scarf – infinity scarves generally wrap around twice, so why not be able to wrap it more and more? I love being enveloped by it and this project is perfect if you enjoy that, too!

Down below, you can find everything you need to create this project! The photographer behind these professional photos is @genzo.raw.

A man wearing a super bulky, rust colored crocheted infinity scarf. His hands are on the lapel of his black denim jacket and looking down. He is surrounded by bright red flowers.


Skill Level



Width: 4.5″ inches

Length: 53.5″ inches (When sewn together and laying flat)


8 stitches x 6 rows – 4×4″ in Hdc

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Ch – chain
  • Hdc – Half Double Crochet 
  • Sl st – Slip stitch
  • FO -Finish Off
A man wearing a crocheted unisex infinity scarf in a deep rust color. The scarf is covering the lower half of his face.

How to Make this Snowbound Cowl

Ch 10

Row 2: In second chain from hook, hdc. Hdc across.

Row 3: Ch 1, turn. Hdc across (9)

Row 4 – 310  : Repeat Row 2 (9)

I told you that was easy! Snow you’re stuck with this snake of a scarf, now what?

Laying flat, seam up the ends together using the slip stitch.

Tutorial photo of making an infinity scarf
Tutorial photo of making a crocheted unisex infinity scarf
Tutorial image of making a crocheted infinity scarf

Now, with the two ends together, lay flat on top of one another.

Tutorial photo of making an infinity scarf with the scarf laying on a white flat surface

With both of these ends, you will sew them together!

Tutorial photo of sewing both ends of the scarf together to make an infinity scarf
Tutorial photo of sewing both ends of the scarf together to make a unisex infinity scarf
Tutorial photo of sewing both ends of the scarf together to make an infinity scarf

Finish off and weave in all your ends! Now you have your mega wrapped scarf!

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